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These reworked vintage Rhinestone buttons were such a success in the last release that we were asked to find more and these are beautiful!  Originating from Czech, the colour combinations are stunning!  Using our gold filled twist rings, we've married the pendant with our 22ct gold plated Belcher chain measuring 17 inches.  We'd style this jeans and winter knits but it would look just as beautiful with tailoured simple evening wear.


Each Button in this collection is unique ❤️


Charm measures approx 4.5 x 2.5 cms













Care For your Plated Jewellery ❤️

Normal wear will make the gold fade & will also depend on how it is looked after, skin type & frequency of wear.  Treat it as a precious piece and it will last.  To help maintain the plating, keep in an airtight container or a lined jewellery box, do not wear perfume or creams in the same area that you wear your jewellery.  Remove before exercise, swimming, sleeping.  If knocked against other jewellery or dropped, plate may scratch/wear & silver dent.  After wear, clean gently with a soft lint free or microfiber cloth.



See Jewellery Care section for more information.

Daisy Pop Cluster

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  • Unique antique pieces are less robust and may have signs of wear due to their history, they are beautifully imperfect.  Please treat as fragile and look after them with care ❤️

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