Strong yet elegant reworked vintage Monet brooch.  I love the drama in vintage Monet designs and this piece is bold yet soothing in design. A Baroque Pearl hangs beautifully down from the clasp.  The pearl compliments the classic, timeless feel of this necklace.  The chain is a 22ct gold plated belcher and the necklace measures 19.5 inches.  This necklace works with any outfit, from casual jeans and shirt to a classic sharp cut black evening suit ❤️


Model's neck measures 12 inches in circumference. and has clasped this necklace higher along the chain to create a visually shorter length.

Vintage Wheat & Pearl

SKU: sw-vm&p01
  • Unique antique pieces are less robust and may have signs of wear due to their history, they are beautifully imperfect.  Please treat as fragile and look after them with care ❤️