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Most of our chains are either Gold Plated over Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold Filled or Vermeil.  A few are 9ct gold.

Dust, pollution and daily wear will dull/scratch the surface of semi precious metals so take care to protect your jewellery.  Always store in an airtight container or the soft pouches provided or fabric lined jewellery boxes.  Avoid touching with other jewellery to prevent denting/scratching.

Our 9ct gold chains are highly durable and suitable for daily wear but always benefit from a wipe to buff and take away any built up residue.

For our plated chains should not be worn daily & we recommend you rotate these chains accoringly. Avoid direct contact with water, perfume, lotions, shampoo, chlorine, salt water to prevent tarnishing. High ph acid levels in skin will strip plating.  Please remove jewellery before swimming, showering, exercising, sleeping. Plating will fade over time or tarnish and longevity depends on how the jewellery is cared for. Clean jewellery after each wear by wiping with a soft lint free cloth.

If your chains will benefit from a deeper clean, take a tiny bit of gentle soap on a wet cloth and wipe or using a super soft bamboo toothbrush. Ensure to remove any of the soap and dry throughly with a gentle touch.  Buff again with the lint free cloth.

Do not use any harse chemicals, cloths or brushes to scrub jewellery as it will affect the delicate surfaces.

Unique antique pieces are less robust and should be treated as fragile.  Antique and vintage pendants are mainly brass or gold coloured over a base alloy.

Any repairs are viewed on a case by case basis - please view T&Cs. 

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