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These cut glass hearts are simply gorgeous.  Beautifully faceted, clear & set in a backless frame allowing light to shine through.  We've plaited them with either our signature Bubblegum Pink or Orange cotton, creating elevated friendship bracelets, using a gold filled slider bead so you can alter the size accordingly.  Include amongst your summer beads & chains or simply wear solo - either way they are super striking, perfect for summer & will take you through day to night ❤️











Care For Gold Plate & Gold Filled Jewellery ❤️


Normal wear will make the gold fade; longevitiy of the plating will depend on how it is looked after, skin PH levels & frequency of wear. Treat it as a precious piece and it will last. To help maintain the plating, keep in an airtight container or a lined jewellery box, do not wear perfume or creams in the same area that you wear your jewellery. Remove before exercise, swimming, sleeping & avoid humidity. After wear, clean gently with a soft lint free or microfiber cloth.See Jewellery Care section for more information.

Glass Heart Friendship Bracelet

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