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The most elegant & modern pearl wrap necklace, two different sized freshwater pearls are thread along a long line of our fine 18ct Gold Filled diamond cut cable chain in nuggets of 3s.  Three is such a significant number to this design, a powerful symbol within ancient & spiritual worlds, representing Past/Present/Future, symbolising Harmony/Wisdom/Understanding. Putting these together with the important three words of "I Love You", the number 3 is positively all encompassing.


Wrap once or twice depending on how you would like this necklace to fall.  I adore the movement of this piece and how it lies so gracefully around the neck with the waterfall of pearls flowing beautifully along the line of the body.  Incredibly elegant and super easy to wear.  A very special piece ❤️


Necklace length measures approx 45 inches

Pearls measure between 6mm - 10mm each


Our Pearl Thread earring is the perfect partner to this necklace



The Pearl Wrap

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