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So thrilled to be introducing Wilson Fine with a collection of 14ct Gold Victorian pendants.  We were so excited to source this beautiul Swallow, crafted with fine etched detail & holding a Turquose stone.  The Swallow was a popular symbol used within Victorian jewellery given to loved ones embarking on a journey to symbolise love, protection & a safe return.   Married with our 9ct Gold fine Curb chain to create a truly beautiful & elegant piece;  full of the romance of history, a forever piece that you can add your story to & pass through the ages. 


Necklace measures 19 inches with an additional clasp point at 17 inches.

Swallow measures approx 1 3/4 inches

Weight: approx 3.1g

Victorian Swallow & Turquoise

  • Unique antique pieces are less robust and may have signs of wear due to their history, they are beautifully imperfect.  Please treat as fragile and look after them with care ❤️

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