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A true classic created my marrying the most beautiful silver Art Deco & Crystal Bar with our contemporary fine 18ct gold filled Belcher chain.  Understated elegance at its best, simply striking! 


Necklace measures 18 1/2 inches:

this would equate to a 16 inch chain with a 2 1/2 inch drop or worn tighter on a 15 inch neck with a 3 1/2 inch drop.  We can make this any length so please do let us know if you would like the chain to be shorter or longer.  Good idea to measure where on your neck you would like the ring to sit and then how long you would like the drop to be.


Art Deco Bar measures 3/4 inch










Care For Gold Plate & Gold Filled Jewellery ❤️

Normal wear will make the gold fade; longevitiy of the plating will depend on how it is looked after, skin PH levels & frequency of wear.  Treat it as a precious piece and it will last.  To help maintain the plating, keep in an airtight container or a lined jewellery box, do not wear perfume or creams in the same area that you wear your jewellery.  Remove before exercise, swimming, sleeping & avoid humidity.  After wear, clean gently with a soft lint free or microfiber cloth.


See Jewellery Care section for more information.

Art Deco Lariat

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  • Unique antique pieces are less robust and may have signs of wear due to their history, they are beautifully imperfect.  Please treat as fragile and look after them with care ❤️

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