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Strong yet elegant!  A large reworked vintage Monet brooch, layered with a vermeil (gold plated silver) Tbar and 9mm freshwater pearl.  I love the drama in vintage Monet designs and this piece is bold yet soothing in design. The Tbar & Pearl compliment the classic, timeless feel of this necklace.  The chain is a 22ct gold plated belcher and the necklace measures 17.5 inches with a half inch drop to the pendant.  I'd dress this piece down and wear with jeans and tee or an easy day dress.  Although, it would look spectacular with a classic cut black trouser suit ❤️

Model's neck measures 12 inches in circumference.

Only one of these

Mid Century Wheat, Bar & Pearl

SKU: sw-wbp-01
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  • Unique antique pieces are less robust and will have signs of wear due to their history, they are beautifully imperfect.  Please treat as fragile and look after them with care ❤️

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