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Victorian fobs are many at the antique markets BUT few have the intriquite design of the ones that I have included in this collection.  This fob has such elegance in it's design and it's rolled gold centre adds a further softness.  This time I have chose to create a Y necklace and have placed a vintage blue enamel icon at the central gold filled ring.  The icon adds another dimension of the romance of history and the tiny vintage crystal charm further along the chain adds a touch of feminity and compliments the elegant cut of this fob.  One of my favourite pieces in this collection.  Wear it with anything - jeans & tee, summer dresses, sharp suits - you can build any outfit around it.

Necklace measures 17 inches to the gold filled ring with a further 1 inch hang.












Care For your Plated Jewellery ❤️

Keep in an airtight container or a lined jewellery box, do not wear perfume or creams in the same area that you wear your jewellery.  Remove before exercise, swimming, sleeping.  To clean, gently buff with a soft and dry cotton or microfiber cloth.

See Jewellery Care section for more information.

Victorian Silver Fob & Vintage Icon

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